Saturday, January 14, 2012

Video Segment about Justinian I

This is a very good video on the reign of Justinian.  Absolutely nothing was mentioned about Anastasius who preceded and appointed the Emperor Justin who then appointed Justinian the new Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire.

This video is part of a series concerning the engineering marvels of the Late Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire), but says nothing about the Anastasian Wall, also an engineering wonder.  Justinian also restored the Anastasian Walls.

Why do we know more about Justinian than Anastasius? Much can be attributed to an excellent biographer, Procopius, who sang his praises until he was caught supporting  the wrong side, allying himself with Justinian's general Belesarius.

The documentary about the Anastasian Wall (in progress) , which has been praised by experts, provides the background of this period, which was one of turmoil and one of the most interesting in Late Ancient history. 

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