Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Plague of the Anastasian Wall..Treasure Hunters

I have just returned from Turkey. During my stay, I accompanied the filming crew and the producer for the Search for the Anastasian Wall documentary who shot some new sequences near the Black Sea and a few other locations. What was discovered was that a new road had been constructed near the end of the Black Sea portion of the wall opening up some previously difficult areas to access. This section is very well preserved. In one section where the wall turned appears to be a fort. The bricks in this area show almost no deterioration.

Unfortunately, the new road has made it easier for treasure hunters to get to the Wall. At the before mentioned site, they had taken away one of the bricks and dug a hole on top of the wall. This was not the only place where we witnessed new looting activity. The wall is being destroyed not by the elements, but by these modern day vandals whose only concern is some monetary gain. It is imperative that further steps are taken to preserve the Wall so that future generations can appreciate the magnitude and the historic importance of this monument. I will post some selected photos on this blog later.

The efforts to finish a one hour documentary on the Wall still continues, as previously mentioned. This could be a major vehicle to bring to the world community the importance of this stucture and to aid in its preservation/restoration. If you would like to donate money to help us complete this documentary, please contact me at
I can direct you where you can send your donation and provide you with appropriate documentation for tax purposes. Any amount would be appreciated

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