Friday, March 5, 2010

Absence of the Anastasian Wall at European Cultural Capital 2010 at Istanbul?

Some of the those interested in the preservation of the Anastasian Wall may be wondering why part of the documentary that the author of this blog is connected concerning the Anastasian Wall is not being presented as part of Istanbul being designated as Culture Capital of Europe 2010. The producer of the documentary approached the 2010 Committee in Istanbul and it was stated this the documentary could not be considered because Istanbul Culture 2010 funds were used for the filming of the documentary. As one of the participants in this documentary, this is a weak excuse for not showing the documentary. If you would like the documentary to be shown during Culture 2010l, please contact
Cultural Heritage and Museums Director

The website for Culture 2010 for Istanbul is located at

It is a great achievement for Istanbul to have this opportunity to highlight its illustrious past and its promising future. I do not want to detract in anyway from the activities of this time for Istanbul to showcase itself. However, the year celebration would be greatly enhanced if there was more public awareness about the Anastasian Wall.

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